A. P. (engl. Artist Print): *Edition

Aquatint: (ital. aqua forte = aquafortis / acid, tinta = ink): *Intaglio technique rendering larger areas for colour effects. The *printing block is covered with acid-free bitumen or colophony powder either through a sieve or in a so-called dust box and eventually heated from underneath, thus causing the powder particles to melt and merge with the *printing block. The ensuing step is the *etching, allowing the acid to penetrate only the minute gaps in the fine-grained surface. The thus emerging aquatint layer is subsequently inked, the colour strength being dependent on the dust grains’ degree of fineness, their density and the depth of the *etching. Drawings in clear lines can be done on the same printing block prior and / or subsequent to the aquatinting stage (*line engraving, *drypoint engraving).