Men with qualities (engl.)







It is always “men with qualities“, true individualists, liberally and transboundary thinking people that fascinate me.
Their accomplishments and destinies are dealt with in my creative process and my work. Bronislaw Malinowski, Rupert Sheldrake, Rabindranath Tagore, Giordano Bruno, Raphael, Constantínos Cavafis, Georges Bataille or Charles the Bold of Burgundy and similar characters inspire the themes of my artistic activity.

Audaciousness, derring-do, defiance of Death: All these men unifies an enormous lust for life. Their sense of self, associated with a very sensuous, empathetic perspective of the World, makes these so very contradictory persons real heroes to me.

Exclusive as well as curious (Malinowski), quixotic as well as on the cutting edge (Sheldrake), active intermediary of most important mutations as well as autistic maveric (Tagore), proud sovereign as well as humble sinner (Charles), visionary dreamer as well as lousy scientist (Bruno), or neoplatonic papist (Raphael) – the ambivalence of these actors could not be bigger.

Organ IV, ca. 19







At the beginning of my research, there always is a priming moment: the dark side of human nature, i.e. the subject – beaten by the trials and tribulations – with which I identify. Following this, I approach my protagonists, study their work, follow their doing, analyse them methodically, try, to put myself into their position, to retrace their feelings, their thoughts, their drive. I follow their traces, their identities, try to understand their perception of the world. I deconstruct them, some kind of fermentation sets in.

Upon this preparative, mostly theoretical work, sketching follows, the form finding for the graphical transformation of my research. New correlations of sense and image emerge, a symbiosis occurs, the approach becomes intimacy. Out of this closeness, the art-work is created.

For this, I have chosen the possibility of graphic reproduction through etching and photogravure.  The close relation of artistic creation and handcraft presents a challenge which is very welcome to me.

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